As an investor in Streitwise, your Investor Center will be on our 3rd party shareholder system, ComputerShare. To get support for your Investor Center email us at

Investor Center Login / Other Issues

I need my account holder ID.

You can get this holder ID by emailing us or calling us at (310) 907-5527 (press 1).

How do I enroll in Direct Deposit or change my bank account information?

For individual or joint investors (most accounts), if you have already enrolled in Investor Center and choose to set your account up for Direct Deposit, you can follow these steps:

  • Logon to your Investor Center
  • Go to “My Profile” and then click on Update under Banking details.
  • Select your specific holding from the drop down.
  • At the bottom of the page, select a “Payment Method”. Choose the option that applies to your situation.
  • You will then be asked to provide your banking information.

For Company / Trust / IRA / Non-Individual holders, email us. We will send you a docusign to update your bank information. We will send you a secure link to send this form to where your info will be processed & changed.

How do I change my account address?

For individual or joint investors (most accounts), you can typically change your mailing address online through the Investor Center. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your User ID and Password or if you are a first-time user, click “Create Login” to immediately become an active user.
  3. Once logged in, click the My Profile button on the right hand side of the page.
  4. Next, click the Update button under Address Change and follow the instructions to change your address.

Please note that some account registrations may require additional documentation to be provided in order to effect an address change.

For Company / Trust / IRA / Non-Individual holders, email us. We will send you a docusign to change your address. Note: For IRA holders, the custodian address is the address where correspondence is received and that can’t be changed.


How do I sign up for the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)?

For individual or joint investors (most accounts), signing up for the Dividend Reinvestment Plan is an easy process right in your Investor Center. Follow these steps to enroll.

For Company / Trust / IRA / Non-Individual holders, email us. We will send you a docusign to enroll in dividend reinvestment.

How do we know when we get paid?

You’ll receive an email when dividend payments are on their way. If you signed up for ACH then your payment should be added there. By default, the payout is by check so look out for your payment in the mail.

How often will I receive dividends, and at what rate?

We expect that we will declare and pay dividends on a quarterly basis, and that the dividend rate will be set at a level that we be believe will be consistent and sustainable over time. There can be no assurance as to when, if, and at what level, dividends will be paid as that is a decision our Board of Directors makes each quarter.

You can find more information on our historical dividends on the SEC’s website and on our Historical Performance page.

How do I set up my account where my beneficiary can keep receiving the distributions?

When you’re going through the investment process, you select “YES” to the question “Are you investing jointly” and put in the information for both you and your beneficiary. Upon investing, log into your Investor Portal and determine how and where you wanted distributions sent to the joint account. If you already invested, email or call us and we’ll walk through how to add a beneficiary.

When is the next quarterly distribution to be made?

Subject to change per our public filings, but historically, and current expectations, are that dividends, if and when declared, would be paid on or around the last day of each calendar quarter.

Adding Funds

How do I reinvest (add more funds)?

For individual or joint investors (most accounts): You can purchase more shares through your Investor Portal (see how to login above). To increase your holdings, go to Make a Purchase at the top of your Portfolio in the home page and you can select how much you wish to add. Full steps here. Any additional investment you make will be added to your existing holdings and be reflected in your Investor Portal once the new shares are formally processed. This may take up to a week.

For Company / Trust / IRA / Non-Individual holders: You will add more funds the same way you originally invested by generating a subscription agreement on the Start Investing page and having your custodian wire funds over again. Here are the steps in detail:

  1. Go to the Start Investing page and click the Invest Today button.
  2. A popup will appear. Fill out your name, email (make sure this is the same email you originally used!), select a Self-Directed IRA or 401(k) option, how much you wish to invest, and then Wire transfer. Click Next.
  3. Fill out your personal information as well as custodian information and submit your investment.
  4. Wire instructions will be sent to your email address. Make sure you receive this or check your junk folder.
  5. Email us and let us know you intend to add more funds through your custodian. We will send you a subscription agreement as well as any other forms your specific custodian may need.
  6. Forward these instructions and subscription agreement to your IRA custodian with the note that you want funds wired to 1st Streit Office Inc.
  7. Once funds are received, they will be processed into additional shares to your account. The entire process may take 3-4 weeks to be processed before the additional shares show up in your account.

What's the minimum amount of funds that can be added after my initial investment?

$500 is the minimum made from the Investor Center. Steps to add funds from the Investor Center can be found here.

Can I add funds on a recurring basis?

Yes, once you have access to your Investor Portal you can opt in to recurring investing by following the steps here. Opt for Recurring payments and select the amount to continue to have the same amount invested on a recurring basis. Note: The minimum is $500/month.

Stockholder Redemption

I want to sell my shares or make a redemption request.

Please first view the Quarterly Redemption Plan section of the Offering Circular so you understand the limitations to selling your share in the first year and the NAV discount between year 2-5. If you want to make a request after year 1, please reach out to us at and make a formal request to redeem your shares. We will send over a form that you will complete to sell your shares. See more here.

Is the redemption plan schedule from the time of investment for each amount or from your first investment?

For investors who hold shares of our common stock with more than one record date, redemption requests will be applied to such shares in the order in which they were purchased, on a first in first out basis.

Investment Status / Portfolio

How will I be updated on the progress of my investments?

We will provide you with periodic updates on the performance of your investment by posting recurring reports and reports for specified material events on the SEC’s website here. We may also provide updates on our website or through secure electronic delivery.

Will I get statements by mail or email?

You don’t receive a monthly statement, rather, you’ll receive a statement along with your quarterly dividends. You can also go to your Investor Center to review your holdings anytime.

How can I see my portfolio?

You will be able to track the status of your investment on the Investor Center on our transfer agent’s website once your investment is approved. Our transfer agent is Computershare.


When will I get my tax documents?

Your Form 1099-DIV tax information, if required, will be provided by January 31 of the year following each taxable year.

What is a Form 1099-DIV?

IRS Form 1099-DIV is sent to investors annually and provides the tax character of any distributions (dividends and any other distributions) paid to you during the tax year.

Will the dividends I receive be taxable as ordinary income?

Unless your investment is held in a qualified tax-exempt account, your dividends will generally have tax implications. Dividends will typically come in three forms –

(i) return of capital dividends (which are generally not taxed and instead reduce your tax basis for future capital gain consideration)
(ii) capital gain dividends (which are generally taxable at long-term capital gain rates), or dividends from current or accumulated earnings or profits (which are generally taxed at ordinary income rates).

However, because each investor’s tax considerations are different, we recommend that you consult with your tax advisor.

How do I change my tax status?

For individual or joint investors (most accounts), you can certify or change your tax information online through Investor Center by logging in and selecting “My Profile” from the right hand-side.

For Company / Trust / IRA / Non-Individual holders, email us that you would like to certify your taxes and we will send you a secure link to send your W9.