About Us

We’re driven to make real estate
investing accessible and simple.

About Us

The stREITwise Manifesto

“Now, we can ALL be stREITwise”

At stREITwise, we believe that everyone should have the ability to invest in real estate. The problem is, other online platforms are either over-priced, charge excessive fees, or both, putting everyday investors at an immediate disadvantage. stREITwise is changing the game by offering a low fee and simple online real estate platform that’s open to everyone.

We want our real estate investments to change lives, one dividend at a time. And we want to treat you fairly in the process. We want you to retire securely. To send your kids to college. To sleep easy knowing you own something real and tangible – something that has and retains value.

Leadership Team

Eliot Bencuya

Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Karsh

Chief Investment Officer

Joseph Kessel

Chief Operating Officer

James Sumaya

Vice President

Kyle Jenkins


Alex Wills

Marketing Director

Victoria Peng


Dallas Stack

Marketing Associate

Gary R. Gagné, CPA, CGMA

Managing Director

Carlos Bernal, CPA

Director of Accounting

Grant Harbert, MBA

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis


"They have the experience of investing hundreds of millions of dollars in office buildings, which is the specific focus of this fund."
The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review
"stREITwise features low minimums, and an easy way for non-accredited investors in particular to get some exposure to commercial real estate."

Our Current Offering

Our current offering is 1st stREIT Office, which aims to provide both accredited investors and unaccredited investors a diversified portfolio of institutional-quality office buildings. With its investments to date, 1st stREIT Office has made 10% annualized dividends since its inception.1

Property Type:
Dividend Target:
10.0% 5
Min. Investment:
Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

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