Investing with a Self-Directed IRA

Instructions on setting up a SDIRA account with Streitwise

Self-directed IRA’s are an efficient way to save money for retirement. You may not know but it is possible to invest in real estate offerings like Streitwise with a self-directed IRA. If your custodian is already approved with Streitwise (see below for list) then you can get started here. It’s also possible to rollover funds into an approved custodian.

Questions about Self-Directed IRA's and 401(k)s

What SDIRA's custodians can I use to invest in Streitwise with?

Streitwise is able to work with most self-directed IRA custodians. We have worked with the following custodians:

If your custodian is not listed here, please reach out to your custodian and see if you’re able to invest in a non-traded REIT with your SDIRA and contact us. If so, you may be able to invest in Streitwise with your custodian.

The following custodians require a physical stock certificate (ours are digital) and we do not work with the following:

  • Charles Schwab
  • Fidelity
  • Vanguard

You can rollover your funds from these custodians into an approved custodian if needed.


What fees will I pay as an SDIRA holder?

Streitwise fees will be the same as any holder.

Your custodian may charge fees separately (such as annual holding fees) and have account minimums. You should contact your custodian representative direct to inquire about fees that you may be charged by them.

I have a 401(k) and not an IRA. How do I invest?

Reach out to if you have a 401(k) plan. Depending on the custodian your company 401(k) is held with, we can accept this plan. Connect your 401(k) custodian with us and we can attempt to get approved on their platform. You may need rollover your funds into a self-directed IRA first.


How do I enroll in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

Email Securitize Investor Support notifying of your intention to enroll in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan and we will send you a secure Docusign to complete. This will authorize your enrollment and we will enroll you directly.

Note: Dividend Reinvestment Plan enrollment forms must be signed by a Custodian representative for IRA accounts. Please provide a direct email address for the Custodian representative when making the request to enroll. 

Learn More Before Investing

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