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Streitwise is a real estate investing company that enables investors of all wealth levels the ability to own commercial real estate through an equity REIT. Investors can now access a professionally-managed, tax-advantaged portfolio of real estate assets with 28 consecutive quarters of dividend payments and an average annualized dividend yield of 8.3% since 20171. Investors can start earning passive income today.

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Generate passive income in real estate Dividend Avg Since 2017: 8.3% 1
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Open to all investors Rare offering open to non-accredited investors
Open to Individual / Joint, Trust, Companies, SD IRA's
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Conservatively leveraged "Best for Conservative Exposure" - The Motley Fool
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Over $20 million skin-in-the-game Shared alignment between investor and sponsor
Stable Asset in Recession & High-Interest Environment Long-term low interest debt in place and long-term tenant leases in place

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REITs have outperformed stocks during inflationary periods

Private real estate through REITs can be a trusted source of dividends and capital protection. Historically, private real estate property investments and non-traded REITs have only been accessible to ultra high net worth individuals and large institutional investors. Now with Streitwise, anyone can benefits from investing in institutional-quality real estate.

During periods of moderate and high inflation, REITs have consistently outperformed the stock market. On average, REITs outperformed the S&P 500 by 3.5% during these periods. In periods of moderate inflation, REIT dividends more than compensated for the higher price returns on the S&P, leading total returns on REITs to exceed the S&P 500 by 2.4%.

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Hedge against inflation
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Significant tax benefits
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Passive income from cash flow
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High historical return vs stocks
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Portfolio diversification
Source: FTSE NAREIT All Equity REITs vs S&P 500

Thanks to Streitwise, a whole new class of investors can buy into the kind of high-performing REITs they have always wanted to be a part of. It’s backed up by carefully curated offerings and a solid mobile app. It comes together to make Streitwise a strong player in the online real estate investment platform.

"Best for Conservative Exposure" - Rated #1 out of 25+ platforms
"Solid performance during COVID-19: It was one of the few crowdfunded REITs that was able to continue honor redemptions and didn’t need to pause its offering. It also met its 2020 dividend target and maintained a strong rent roll."

"Streitwise is best for real estate-focused investors who want access to a professionally managed REIT."

"If you’re comfortable with the amount of information the company provides and plan to keep your money invested for at least 5 years, then non-traded REITs are definitely worth considering for your portfolio."

"One of the big advantages to investing with Streitwise is that the three founders who manage the REIT have over $5 million of their own funds invested in the trust. That means they have a direct vested interest in the successful management of the fund."

"You may find your Streitwise REIT producing positive returns even when stocks are in a bear market. That’s the kind of investment diversification everyone needs, but most portfolios lack."

Streitwise REIT

Streitwise has one current REIT offering available to all investors. This REIT provides investors a diversified portfolio of institutional-quality commercial buildings. This portfolio has low leverage (39% average) and over $20 million skin-in-the-game held by the founders.

Account Types: Individual / Joint, Trust, Company, and Self-Directed IRAs

REIT (Equity)
Dividend Average1:
Minimum Investment:
$3,550 (500 shares at $7.10/share)
Available To:
Non-Accredited & Accredited Investors

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Diversify your portfolio by investing in a conservatively-leveraged REIT that has generated strong passive income to investors with a 8.3% average annualized dividend yield since 2017.

Real estate offerings like REITs with Streitwise are open to all investors and are considered one of the best ways to hedge for inflation.