Current Offering

Streitwise has one current REIT Offering available (1st Streit Office) currently made up of two class A commercial properties + future properties added

Core Tenants

  • Name
  • Allied Solutions Headquarters
    Allied Solutions Building (Carmel)
  • New Balance
    Laumeier Building II (Sunset Hills)
  • AMN Healthcare
    Laumeier Building III (Sunset Hills)
  • Regus
    Laumeier Building II (Sunset Hills)
  • Wells Fargo
    Laumeier Building III (Sunset Hills)
  • F.C. Tucker
    Allied Solutions Building (Carmel)
  • Fork + Ale Restaurant / Brewery
    Allied Solutions Building (Carmel)
  • Future tenants in next acquisition

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy was formed to generate steady returns over the long term.

Streitwise aims to acquire and manage a diversified portfolio of value oriented investments home to creditworthy tenants that provide a source of steady and growing dividends. We focus on non-gateway markets typically more fairly priced at higher capitalization rates (or cap rates) and finance our acquisitions with modest leverage to minimize the risk of principal loss. Our current offering is structured as a non-traded real estate investment trust, or “REIT,” under Regulation A+ of the JOBs Act.

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Streitwise REIT

Streitwise has one current REIT offering available to all investors. This REIT provides investors a diversified portfolio of institutional-quality commercial buildings. This portfolio has moderate leverage (50%) and over $5 million skin-in-the-game held by founder.

Account Types: Individual / Joint, Trust, Company, and SD IRAs

REIT (Equity)
Dividend Target:
Minimum Investment:
$3,505 (500 shares at $7.01/share)
Available For:
Non-Accredited & Accredited Investors

Sponsor's past investments - 25.3% IRR on realized investments3

Office Park in Sunset Hills, MO: REIT Open to All Investors

Mixed-Use Commercial Building in Carmel, IN: REIT Open to All Investors

Multifamily Value-Add in Trumbull, CT: Open to Accredited Investors

Multifamily Portfolio in Victoria, TX

Learn More Before Investing

How would you like to diversify your portfolio by investing in a conservatively leveraged REIT that has generated strong passive income to investors for 25 consecutive quarters.

Real estate offerings like REITs with Streitwise are open to all investors and are one of the most well known ways to hedge for inflation.