Investment Strategy

Steady returns over the long-term

Investment Strategy

Investment strategy

Streitwise aims to acquire and manage a diversified portfolio of value oriented investments home to creditworthy tenants that provide a source of steady and growing dividends.

We focus on non-gateway markets typically more fairly priced at higher capitalization rates (or cap rates), and finance our acquisitions with modest leverage to minimize the risk of principal loss.

Value-oriented investments

We seek to identify properties that demonstrate the following characteristics:

We target strategically-located properties proximate to transportation, nearby amenities and a base of established employers and industries. In particular, we concentrate on high quality of construction properties with a track record of sustained occupancy well positioned to outperform the broader market.

Secondary non-gateway markets

We focus on fairly priced non-gateway markets that generate higher dividends.


Creditworthy tenants

We target properties occupied by creditworthy tenants.

Actual tenants in properties our Sponsor has invested in:

Modest leverage

We utilize modest leverage to protect our investment.

We like to sleep comfortably at night, and we want our investors to as well. That’s why we’re cautious about the leverage we utilize to minimize risk and maximize flexibility. Our Current offering has a 55% loan-to-cost ratio.

Our Current Offering

Our current offering is 1st Streit Office, which aims to provide both accredited investors and unaccredited investors a diversified portfolio of institutional-quality office buildings. With its investments to date, 1st Streit Office has made over 8% annualized dividends since its inception.1

Property Type:
Office & Mixed-Use
Dividend Target:
8-9% 5
Min. Investment:
Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

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