1Q24 Dividends Have Been Declared

6.2% annualized yield returns for investors based on current share price with a 3.98% annualized increase in the share price

Effective April 1st, the share price for Streitwise increased to $7.10 per share, a 3.98% annualized increase. We also declared a Q1 dividend of $0.11/share (6.2% based on the new NAV) for Streitwise shareholders.

Positive Portfolio Updates

With the sale of the Panera building in St. Louis to BJC Health System and the recent acquisition of fully occupied property with 6.5 years of weighted average lease term left, the REIT portfolio is now stabilized at 92% occupancy. This BJC sale not only showcases Streitwise’s strategic asset management capabilities but also sets the stage for potential positive impacts on the REIT’s financial performance in both the NAV (share price) and dividend rate. This is an opportune moment for investing in Streitwise, as we are poised for growth and continued value creation across our portfolio, leading to potentially higher returns for our investors.

We look forward to providing further positive updates to the portfolio.