Why Streitwise?

Because your time and money command more.
Experienced management, lower fees, higher returns.

Why Streitwise?

Available to both accredited & non-accredited investors
Last dividend (4Q20): 8.4%
Highest rated real estate investing service by The Motley Fool
High skin-in-the-game: Over $5mm between 3 co-founders

Lower fees lead to higher returns

We charge a fraction of the fees the other guys charge because we sell our shares directly online instead of through expensive brokers. In fact, our up-front cost can be up to 80% cheaper than many of our non-traded REIT competitors.

Why it matters?

Our up-front fee discount could translate to 42% more profit over a 5-year investment based on the same underlying property performance.

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Best for Conservative Exposure; #1 rated site
- Top Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites for 2020
Millionacres by The Motley Fool
“Overall the fees are excellent and earns them the BEST FEES AWARD for non-accredited investors.”
The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review

Experienced Management

Led by its three founders who possess a combined 40 years and over $5.4 billion of real estate investing experience, our Sponsor has a proven track record investing across multiple business cycles and property types.

We follow a proven, value-oriented investment strategy to acquire and manage each commercial property to maximize operating performance, free cash flow, and long-term appreciation.

More important is our shared mission to make commercial real estate accessible and fair to everyone, and to always put the interests of our investors first.

Meet the team

Direct ownership

Virtually every other online real estate provider is merely a middleman – raising money and investing with third-party real estate operators, often paying themselves and the outside operators a share of the profits to do so.

Not Streitwise. We directly own and operate each of our investments, using a hands-on approach to maximizing the value of each investment, and leveraging our over $5.4 billion of transaction experience. Best of all, we send 100% of the profits to you.

Hands on asset management
Better performance
100% of the profits

Tax-advantaged structure

Streitwise is structured as a non-traded real estate investment trust or “REIT” for short.  Non-traded REITs, like many companies, distribute earnings to investors in the form of dividends. Unlike many companies however, REITs are not taxed at the corporate level. That means REITs avoid the dreaded “double-taxation” of corporate tax AND personal income tax.

And thanks to the 2017 tax bill, REITs qualify for the new 20% deduction on pass-through income. The result: more for you, and less for Uncle Sam.

Want to learn more about REITs?

About REITs
The History of REITs
REIT Tax Advantages

SEC regulated

Worried about investing online? Rest easy. Streitwise’s offerings are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Regulation A+ of the JOBs Act, which obligates us to follow strict reporting requirements including annual financial audits.  We’ve also partnered with leading technology and stock transfer agent services to make the investing process seamless, while ensuring the authenticity and security of your personal information.

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Why it matters?

You get the peace of mind knowing we’re taking precautions to keep your information secure, and we’re bound to transparency standards similar to companies listed on the stock market.  You’ll also get frequent, reliable updates on how your investment is performing.  We encourage you to view our current offering documents and updates.

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Previous Streitwise Sponsor Deals

Property Type:
$44.7 million
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Property Type:
$13.8 million
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Property Type:
$15.1 million
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Our Current Offering

Our current offering is 1st Streit Office, which aims to provide both accredited investors and unaccredited investors a diversified portfolio of institutional-quality office buildings. With its investments to date, 1st Streit Office has made over 8% annualized dividends since its inception.1

Property Type:
Office & Mixed-Use
Dividend Target:
8-9% 5
Min. Investment:
$2,522.50 (250 shares at $10.09)
Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

How you can generate passive income through real estate ownership with Streitwise

How would you like to generate potentially high-yield passive income, diversify your portfolio away from the stock market, and build equity through institutional-quality real estate? Streitwise allows anyone (accredited or not) to easily invest in commercial real estate normally not available to regular investors. Fill out this form to learn more.

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