Q3 Dividend Announcement

10% Dividends Distribution for Q3 2019

Streitwise just completed another 10% annualized quarterly dividend distribution for all eligible investors, net of fees*. This is the 10th straight distribution funded entirely out of cash generated from operations. Our continued belief in the suburban-urban (also called “middle neighborhoods” or “surban”) office strategy is demonstrated by our principals’ significant investment side-by-side with our shareholders.

Note: While this is the 10th straight distribution at 10% annualized, this is not a guarantee of future returns. Both the shareholder NAV and the dividend distribution are subject to change quarterly. Since inception, a $10,000 investment would have a total return of over $2,500 assuming current NAV.

When we purchased the Allied Solutions building from the local developer, we were excited that the growth of Midtown Carmel would support our leasing velocity, and we are working on a few more leases that will hopefully get us closer to 100% occupancy.

We are also actively pursuing additional acquisitions with a similar thesis to our Allied purchase and are optimistic that we will capitalize on one of the many irons we have in the fire.