When Too Much Charisma is a Bad Thing

Everyone loves to predict the real estate cycle – it’s such a fun game! And like all armchair pundits, you can never be wrong, because you just keep making predictions and nobody seems to remember the wrong ones. At least for the next 12 months, these forecasters see blue skies ahead. That makes a lot of sense if you’re judging by M&A activity in the real estate debt fund space, because it looks like it’s going mainstream. There’s also a great post by Morgan Housel talking about the benefits of ILLIQUIDITY. We in the non-traded REIT world can certainly understand. And lastly, two questions. Is it possible to have too much charisma? Turns out not even that positive feature is immune to the laws of moderation. And does Streitwise provide enough meaning to YOU?

That’s your view from the stREIT. Have a great weekend!

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