4Q21 Dividends have been Paid!

Streitwise is distributing 4Q21 dividends today equating to an 8.4% annualized yield based on the original $10.00 share purchase price and an 8.2% annualized yield based on the current NAV of $10.19/share. Since inception, we have averaged a 9.3% dividend yield and hit our dividend target of 8-9% every quarter in 2021.

Every quarter we get more insight into the actions of office using tenants post-Covid, and this quarter was no different. We continue to see evidence in our portfolio and across markets that while tenants are able to right-size their space requirements, they are still quite keen on providing a well-amenitized, nicely furnished, collaborative space for employees to use under any such hybrid work model they ultimately embrace.

We are very happy to report that in 2021, our tenants paid as expected and budgeted with 100% of contractual rent obligation collected and hit 100% occupancy at our Allied Solutions building. Portfolio-wide, we are 97% occupied with no tenant delinquencies. We have executed a handful of new and renewal deals within the last month but will wait to provide a more detailed update in that regard while we work through some additional leasing.