4Q20 dividends have arrived

Streitwise just distributed dividends for 4Q20 - 8.4%

Streitwise just distributed dividends for 4Q20, which equates to 8.4% based on the original share purchase price of $10.00/share and 8.2% based on the current NAV of $10.21/share. Dividends were distributed today, 1/8/20, pursuant to the payment option selected in the Investor Center.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a portfolio that has so far weathered the economic headwinds. Despite the significant volatility in the public markets and the pandemic’s severe impact on the real economy, we believe we are on track to achieve a targeted 8-9% dividend guidance for 2021.

We continue to believe, as we did when we launched Streitwise, that suburban-urban office properties will outperform, that top tier office properties hold value best in downturns and emerge first during recoveries, and that quality revenue from credit worthy tenants is more important now than ever.