Why Real Estate?

Unlock the missing piece to your portfolio

Why Real Estate?

Online real estate investing: The key to a modern diversified portfolio

Diversification into real estate through Streitwise can be the key to better returns.

For years, everyday investors have been limited to investing in public stocks and bonds. Now, with the advent of online real estate investing services like Streitwise, you can diversify into private real estate like a billion-dollar investor for as little as a $2,500 initial investment (250 shares).

Passive income generation
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Recurring quarterly cash flow
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High historical return vs stocks
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Portfolio diversification
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Hedge against inflation
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Passive income

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

You can invest in real estate through an “active” investment such as a “house flip,” which requires dedicated time, effort, and expertise. Or you can save yourself the trouble and invest in a passive investment with professionals well-versed in real estate ownership and management to invest on your behalf.

But traditional passive real estate investments have had their pitfalls as well – unattainable investment minimums, no regulation, limited diversification, and massive profit sharing to the professionals overseeing the investment.  Thanks to technology and the advent of online real estate services like Streitwise, “passive” real estate investing is becoming less expensive and more accessible to the everyday investor.

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Recurring cash flow

Recurring cash flow, appreciation, and intrinsic value - all wrapped into one

Real estate is one of the few investments that provides recurring cash flow and appreciation potential while still maintaining intrinsic value.

The recurring cash flow comes from leases, which are long-term contracts providing a source of predictable income. Pair that with the potential appreciation from rents and land values increasing over time, and the underlying value of the raw materials with which properties are built, and you’ve got an investment that can be lucrative when the economy is strong, and a safe haven when it’s not.

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Higher returns

An investment that has consistently beat the stock market.

Real estate has outperformed the S&P 500 with more than double the gains since 1990. Yet historically, unaccredited investors have been unable to access the outsized returns offered by private real estate investments. Streitwise has democratized access to the private real estate market, providing you the opportunity to improve your portfolio’s returns.

And with the added benefits of the 2017 tax bill that provides REITs a new 20% deduction on pass-through income, real estate investing through Streitwise has never looked more attractive.

Portfolio diversification

An avenue to diversity away from the stocks and bonds over multiple properties.

Savvy investors make real estate a staple of a diversified portfolio, following modern portfolio theory to allocate at least 20% of their wealth to private market or alternative investments. Yet too often they are unable to meet the minimum investment size to enter the private real estate market, or they make the mistake of opting for a single property and its singular success or failure.

Streitwise solves both these problems by providing diversification away from public market stocks and bonds, and spreading its exposure among a portfolio of institutional quality commercial properties.

Inflation protection

Real estate is a dependable hedge against inflation.

Commercial real estate is widely regarded as a hedge against inflation because it is the best of both worlds – a hard asset that holds its intrinsic value over time AND produces dividend income to its investors along the way.

Real estate sits on land, the ultimate commodity. While demand for other hard assets may vary based on consumer preferences, demand for real estate is relatively stable, as people will always need places to live, work, shop, and store. These attributes generally preserve property values irrespective of inflationary pressures. Not only does real estate generally hold its intrinsic value, but real estate owners can regularly adjust their rental rates, creating the potential for dividend growth to match inflation.

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Our Current Offering

Our current offering is 1st Streit Office, which aims to provide both accredited investors and unaccredited investors a diversified portfolio of institutional-quality office buildings. With its investments to date, 1st Streit Office has made over 8% annualized dividends since its inception.1

Property Type:
Office & Mixed-Use
Dividend Target:
8-9% 5
Min. Investment:
$2,522.50 (250 shares at $10.09)
Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

How you can generate passive income through real estate ownership with Streitwise

How would you like to generate potentially high-yield passive income, diversify your portfolio away from the stock market, and build equity through institutional-quality real estate? Streitwise allows anyone (accredited or not) to easily invest in commercial real estate normally not available to regular investors. Fill out this form to learn more.

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