Earn passive income in real estate

Open to investors of all wealth levels starting at $3,505
✓ 26 straight quarterly distributions 1
✓ 2022 dividend yield average of 7.2%1
✓ REITs are an inflation hedge

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Why Invest in a Streitwise REIT?

  • Professionally managed real estate open to all investorsRare REIT offering open to non-accredited investors. See Properties in Offering section below.

  • High dividend return history: 7.2% avg dividend1 in 2022Sponsor Tryperion Holdings has averaged 25.4% IRR / 2.01x on realized investments for fund investments since 2013.3

  • Hedge against inflationReal estate, such as REITs, are one of the best assets to hedge against inflation. REITs have outperformed the stock market over the last 30 years2

  • Over $20 million skin-in-the-game by founderShared alignment between investors and founder.

  • Highest-rated real estate investing platform by Motley FoolRated #1 by The Motley Fool out of 25+ investment platforms

  • Conservatively leveraged portfolio w/ long-term leases in place50% leveraged w/ an average weighted average lease term (WALT) of over 4 years.

Open to

  • All Incomes: Accredited & non-accredited investorsYou don’t need to be a millionaire to invest in Streitwise.

  • Any location: USA & foreign investors

  • Account Types: Individual/joint, entity (SD IRA’s/401k’s, trust’s, LLC’s)

Returns by Assets - 20-Year and Since 2020

Top Questions Before Investing

How do I get started?

To get started, click here.

You will then follow the registration questions as you are taken through the form. The total sign-up process time should only take 5-10 minutes. Once this form is complete, you’ll receive instructions on when your account will be accessible.

Live phone support for sign-up: 310-907-5527

Is this REIT open to non-accredited investors?

Yes; This is a rare Offering open to both accredited and non-accredited investors in accordance with the “qualified purchaser” requirements included in our Offering Circular.

If you are a non-accredited investor and a natural person, your investment may be no more than 10% of the greater of (i) your individual or joint net worth, excluding the value of your residence, and (ii) your individual or joint income in each of the two most recent years, as well as your expected income in the current year.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is 500 shares at the NAV price in effect at the time of purchase which is approximately $5,000. The minimum may change quarterly, based on share price changes. We also may adjust the share price minimum any quarter. Once you’ve invested you can increase your holdings in $500 increments. 

As of Q4 2023, the minimum is $3,505.

What are the fees?

Investing with Streitwise means you own your percentage interest of the REIT’s portfolio – without further layers of fees and profit sharing squandered to third-party sponsors. We are the sponsor and charge a 2% annual fee. An investor does not lose 2% of their investment annually as a result of this fee, the fee is typically taken out of the dividend payment.

All dividends quoted have been net of fees. We do not charge any other fees such as waterfall / profit-sharing fees, acquisition fees, developer fees, construction management fees, servicing fees, liquidation fees, property management fees, financing fees, disposition fees, or any other hidden fees that other non-traded REITs often hide from prospective investors by burying the hidden fees in the offering documents.

What are the tax advantages of investing in REITs?

There are several tax advantages to investing in REITs that aren’t available with other investable companies: 

  1. Pass-through deductions: REIT investors can deduct up to 20% of their dividends.
  2. No double taxation: REITs are not taxed at the corporate level which avoids the “double-taxation” of corporate tax and personal income tax.
  3. Depreciation: Allows you to reclassify certain dividends from “ordinary income” to “return of capital”.

Do you have a mobile app for investors?

We do now have an iOS app for Streitwise investors that enables them to view their holdings, add more funds, access quarterly returns & tax returns, enroll in dividend reinvestment, among more features. We do not currently have an Android app available.

Note: The iOS app is in beta testing.

What's a real estate investment trust (REIT?)

A Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, is a tax-advantaged company that owns income-producing properties and distributes the cash flow to investors in the form of dividends. Learn more about REITs here.

In general, a REIT is an entity that:

  • Combines the capital of many investors to acquire or provide financing for a diversified portfolio of real estate investments under professional management;
  • Is able to qualify as a “real estate investment trust” for U.S. federal income tax purposes and is therefore generally not subject to federal
  • Corporate income taxes on its net income that is distributed, which substantially eliminates the “double taxation” treatment (i.e., taxation at both the corporate and stockholder levels) that generally results from investments in a corporation; and
  • Pays dividends to investors of at least 90% of its annual ordinary taxable income.

How often will I receive dividends?

We expect that we will declare and pay dividends on a quarterly basis, about 10 days after each financial quarter ends.

How do I sell my shares?

You will be able to redeem your shares after one year through our share redemption program, with no penalty after five years. However, we encourage all investors to take a long term approach to their investment with Streitwise.

How much skin in the game do the founders have?

Among the three founding partners, their current skin-in-the-game in Streitwise is over $20 million (3 million shares) in the REIT. This is a high skin-in-the-game, indicating their confidence in this investment going forward as well as an alignment of interest between investor and principals.

What is current leverage (LTV)?

This is a moderate / conservatively leveraged REIT with a current portfolio average of 50%. Historically total secured note LTV has been 40-60% and is subject to principal paydowns and NAV.

Can foreign residents and/or non-US citizens invest?

Yes, it is possible to invest as a foreign / non-US resident and as a non-US citizen. Subject to certain limitations and clearances, we are able to accept international investors. Those with a US-based bank account will be able to invest through their bank and those without a US-based bank will need to complete a wire payment.

On-boarding of foreign investors, registration and setup of the investor center, and delivery of physical correspondence may be delayed relative to domestic investors.

Is there a dividend reinvestment program?

Yes, once you are an investor you can opt in dividend reinvestment. You can enroll in dividend reinvestment in your Investor Center.

What is the advantage of Streitwise over traded REITs?

The advantage of Streitwise is potentially higher dividends by accessing properties not available through public market REITs. Consistent dividend payouts and consistent share prices means investors have generated large gains on their returns. There’s potential for large gains in the public stock market but dividend payouts are often smaller at 2-5% and at larger risk for fluctuations in prices. 

Our share prices are set quarterly unlike publicly traded REITs so there’s often more volatility as publicly traded REITs are more closely tied to the stock market. Main drawback is liquidity as they can’t be instantly sold which means you are not paying the liquidity premium like you would with publicly traded stocks. 

Why would I invest in office property right now?

We believe commercial office property for the right price can be a strong investment opportunity in a post-Covid world, particularly class-A offices in secondary urban-suburban markets, areas with high in-office worker rates where well-amenitized spaces are in demand.

Are there risks?

Yes, there are risks. Similar to any investment, there is no guarantee of a return of principal or any return thereon. The real estate market is cyclical and it is difficult to know how and when the market will change.