Reinvest from your Investor Portal

How to increase your holdings through your Investor Portal

As an investor in stREITwise you can increase your holdings through your Investor Center quickly and easily using the steps below. For issues, see below as well.


What happens if you’re not seeing the Buy More button and can’t add funds in your Investor Center? This is often an issue that non-individuals investing through an LLC or Trust experience in Investor Center and is easy to get around. Just go through the Start Investing page and complete an investment like you made your first investment. Once you submit your information, your new funds will be added to your existing funds after an internal processing period of 2-3 weeks.

What happens if you can’t access your Investor Portal at all? Visit here for steps to getting access to your account.

Note: This system is set to invest weekly on Tuesdays or on the next trading day if Tuesday is not a trading day. The accounts are debited on the day prior. It should show in your account as a pending transaction at that point.





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