Because Streitwise is not a web-based platform, our on-boarding process takes a few weeks. We understand that this may be frustrating but you will be receiving periodic emails as your investment moves through the process.

Once you make your investment at the Start Investing page, your funds go through several steps in order to process your investments and have a login sent to you so you can access your Investor Center. The total process takes about 3-4 weeks. Here are the steps we take to create your account when you submit your investment:

  1. Funds received in escrow: Funds are sent through our escrow agent, FundAmerica/Primetrust. With ACH, funds take 1-2 business days to withdraw. By check payment, there may be a few extra days involved for the check to arrive and be processed. With wire payment, a wire can be processed in just a day.
  2. Funds cleared for investing: All bank funds from both ACH or check need a 10-day clearing period from the bank in order to process further. With wire, this is instantaneous. During this period, there is also a process to review your registration. Additional documentation may be needed.
  3. Funds invested, shares issued: At mid-month or the end-of-month (depending on when funds were cleared), these funds are sent for registration of shares with our transfer agent, Computershare.
  4. Investor login sent: 3-5 business days later, the investor is notified via email to create a login.

    Note: Please whitelist or your emails may go to junk.

You should receive login instructions by email after 3-4 weeks. Please email or call us if you want to confirm your investment at any time.