Information for Pending Investors

The total time it takes to receive funds, process/clear funds, and issue your shares is approximately 3-4 weeks. You will receive periodic emails as your investment moves through the process to keep you updated.

Once shares have been issued and registered, you will be able to create a login to the Investor Center to monitor your account. Please do not try to create an Investor Center account before you receive a confirmation that your shares are active.

Important Information by Investment Type

ACH (Bank) Investments

ACH Investors:
Funds will be drawn from the bank in 1-2 business days. However, it takes up to 10 business days for your bank to clear the funds with our escrow agent. During this 10 day clearing period, if there are any issues with the ACH instructions entered during registration, a Streitwise representative will contact you via email. Please note – the bank account name for your direct deposit must be in the name of the registered user. At this time, brokerage accounts are not accepted.

Wire Investments

You will receive an email with instructions for wiring funds from your bank or custodian. We may need additional ID verification and other AML checks.

If you submitted this registration, but do not intend to fund the investment until a later time, please notify us and we will cancel this registration. 

If we do not receive your wire or check payment within 10 business, and you do not respond to our follow up emails regarding your investment, we will go ahead and cancel this registration and you can submit a new form when you are ready to invest.

Check Investments

Once a check is received and deposited by our escrow agent, it follows the same 10 day clearing period as an ACH payment between banks.

Bitcoin (BTC) / Ethereum (ETH) Investments

Once your form has been submitted you will be sent instructions on sending your Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) using your digital wallet. The address will be provided by email along with the completed form. If the completed form redirected you before you were able to view the address, you can refer back to the Start Investing page form by clicking the “Get Started” form again.

IRA / 401(k) Investments

To invest with your IRA, you should have made an investment with Wire payment option selected. Email us to confirm and we’ll send your subscription agreement generated as well as any other documents that your custodian will need. See more info about IRA investing here.

International / Non-USA Investments

To invest with as an non-US resident without a US-based bank account, you should have made an investment via Wire payment first. You will receive an email with instructions for wiring funds from your bank or custodian. We may need additional ID verification or other AML checks. It is important for non-US investors to understand tax withholding and to speak to a tax adviser first. See more details here.