Dividend Reinvestment Plan

How to enroll in the Automatic Dividend Reinvestment Plan

As an investor in Streitwise you have the ability to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Program. This allows you to have your dividends received automatically reinvest back into your holdings so that you can increase your holdings faster.

For individual or joint accounts (most accounts), following these steps below. Non-individual investors (such as self-directed IRA’s, LLC’s, or trusts), see steps at bottom of page.

  1. Login to your Investor Center.
  2. Click Manage Investment Plans, on left menu.
  3. Select Enroll (or Modify if already enrolled).
  4. Select Change under Reinvestment Options.
  5. Select Full Reinvestment on All Shares. Click Next.
  6. Press Submit and confirm changes.
  7. Note: To have next dividends reinvested, you must be enrolled in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan at least 10 days before the end of the quarter. If not, your next dividend payout will be reinvested.

That’s it. You’re now enrolled in the Dividend Reinvestment Program.

From your Investor Center you also have the ability to increase your holdings and reinvest there and/or sign up for Auto-Invest. Steps to do that are HERE.

For non-individual investors (such as self-directed IRA holders, LLC’s, or Trusts), email us notifying of your intention to enroll in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan and we will send you a secure Docusign to complete. This will authorize your enrollment and we will enroll you directly.

Note: Dividend Reinvestment Plan enrollment forms must be signed by a Custodian representative for IRA accounts. Please provide a direct email address for the Custodian representative when making the request to enroll.