Dividend Reinvestment Plan

How to enroll in the Automatic Dividend Reinvestment Plan

As an investor in stREITwise you now have the ability to take your dividend returns and have those funds automatically reinvest back into your holdings so that you can increase your holdings faster and more efficiently.

For individual accounts (most accounts), following these steps below. Non-individual investors (such as IRA holders or trusts), see steps at bottom of page.

That’s it. You’re now enrolled in the Automatic Dividend Reinvestment Program. This is the fastest way to get higher returns faster.

From your Investor Portal you also have the ability to increase your holdings and reinvest there and sign up for Auto-Invest. Steps to do that are HERE.

For non-individual investors (such as IRA holders or Trust holders), fill out this form authorizing your account to be signed up for the Dividend Reinvesting Plan and email us this form to get you enrolled.

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